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Annabelle Weir

Belle started her dance journey here with us in 2018 after being challenged to a dance off by her neighbours. (she won 🥳)

That's when she found her love of dance and threw herself into the deep end by attending daily classes, weekly parties and joining a choreography whilst completing her first starter courses.

Before joining our admin team she learnt Forro, Bachata, Linear & Cuban Salsa and Tango and then turned her focus to the world of Kizomba with splashes of Jive.

Belle has contributed to our Rio Community by joining our Student Support team, followed by completing our 12 month Instructor Training Course, and then joining and overseeing our admin team.

You won't see much of her in the admin team as she has now transitioned to her new role with us in Content Creation and Social Media Strategies & Planning for the studio.

Her favourite styles are Bachata, Brazilian Zouk, Kizomba and Urban Kiz.

She's always keen and delighted for a social dance so if you see her around the studios make sure you ask her for a dance.

Annabelle Weir at Rio Rhythmics