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Linear Salsa

Salsa is an energetic and fun partner dance, that is so popular and sociable that you can dance it anywhere in the world.

Brazilian Zouk

Brazilian Zouk is mesmerising with its fluid movements and can be danced to a variety of music genres.


Bachata is fast becoming one of the most popular social dance styles because of its fun-loving ability to create social connections.

Cuban Salsa

Cuban Salsa is by far the most well-known and widely danced Latin dance style because it is vibrant and expressive.

Samba de Gafieira

This dance style is suitable for all ages and draws dancers due to its playful nature and opportunities for creativity, often referred to as "the Brazilian Tango."

Argentine Tango

A dance of passion and connection, Argentine Tango transcends mere steps to become a conversation between partners. Originating from the streets of Buenos Aires, it's a mesmerising blend of precise movements and improvisation, set to the soulful rhythms of classic tango music.


Beautiful Bolero is a unique, complex & intense dance that is characterised by smooth, gliding movement.

Brazilian Samba (Samba no Pe) 

Individual Dance Style (No Partner)

Brazilian Samba is recognised around the world as a symbol of the Brazilian Carnaval because it oozes with joy, vibrancy & culture. It's also a great way to improve your physical fitness too.

Mixed Styles

We'll guide you through the foundational elements of six renowned Latin dance genres: Salsa, Merengue, Brazilian Zouk, Forró, Bachata, and Samba. You'll discover the unique musical rhythms and movements characteristic of each style, along with their fundamental steps. This journey will immerse you in the exhilarating challenges, joys, and the enriching rewards of Latin Dance, as well as our lively community.

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Forró is a lively, rhythmic dance from Brazil, characterized by its close partner connection, infectious music, and joyful atmosphere. It's a dance that celebrates cultural richness, social bonding, and the pure joy of movement.