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Latin Dance Classes in Brisbane

Our Latin Dance classes in Brisbane are designed to cater to people of all levels and backgrounds, including beginners. We're not just your typical dance school - we're a welcoming, inclusive and fun community sharing a journey of growth and enjoyment.

Brisbane pulses with latin Socials every single day, and we're your gateway! Our wide variety of Latin Dance classes caters to every level, from absolute beginners to the most seasoned dancers, encompassing a variety of popular styles from all over the globe.

Whether you're seeking to delve into a new passion, begin a new hobby, boost your fitness or make new friends - Rio Rhythmics is your ultimate destination.

Our heartbeat resonates with a mission: Transforming people's lives through authentic Latin Dance, amplified by our dance community and dance family.

Latin Dance Classes For Beginners

New to Dance? You'll be Latin Dancing in just 10 weeks (even if you think you have two left feet!)

Claim a 10 week Starter Course for just $199 and join us for one or all current Starter Courses in that block!

(One 10 week Course is $260, so when you grab this deal you'll Save $61 plus get access to ALL current Starter Courses)

Starter Course Blocks

Not sure which dance style to choose? No problem!

Check our our Style Library or give us a call on 3844 1824, and our team will guide you to the best Starter Course for you.

Take a peek below to see our current Starter Course Options. Explore all the details and dive into the dance world with us!


We can confidently say this with over 30 years of teaching in Australia to love and live Authentic Latin dance and culture.

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