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The Team


Unique to Brisbane, Rio Rhythmics has been its commitment to providing careers and extensive opportunities to dance teachers.
From locals who first started their dance journeys with us, to sponsoring and supporting many incredible teachers from Brazil and other parts of Latin America, our team is one of a kind.
At Rio Rhythmics we are about the impact we can create as a team and a community encouraging our team to excel in areas they’re passionate about to enhance the value and vibrancy of our Dance for Life Tribe.

Tarcisio Founder of Rio RhythmicsChantel Studio Manager at Rio RhythmicsJuliana Lima Instructor at Rio RhythmicsRafael Pitarello Instructor at Rio RhythmicsElanore Haynes Instructor at Rio RhythmicsAlex Bryan Instructor at Rio RhythmicsMadalyn Milazzo Instructor at Rio RhythmicsJohan Bolivar Instructor at Rio RhythmicsClachere Beard Instructor at Rio RhythmicsYulia is a Argentine Tango Instructor in Brisbane with Rio RhythmicsGlenn is a Argentine Tango Instructor in Brisbane with Rio RhythmicsJohn Pathinather Instructor at Rio RhythmicsAmanda Kivic Instructor at Rio RhythmicsElder Instructor at Rio Rhythmics