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Intro Offers For Experienced Dancers | Single Style or Mixed Style Passes

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You want to dance at the Academy (fabulous!), you have some experience - a little, a lot, it's fresh, or it's been a while ... don't be put off from jumping in and finding your sweet spot at Rio!

It can be tricky to know where to begin and sometimes that can mean the difference between getting back into what you love, finding a new studio to dance at or ... missing out. Now there is a perfect and empowering way to find your favourite courses at our Academy. 



14 day unlimited class pass*
Perfect for those with prior dance experience to dive into all your favourite dance styles and explore our Academy’s offerings. Our Experienced Dancer Intro Pass, $45 gives you 14 days of unlimited dancing - we run classes 7 days a week across a vast variety of styles so you can dance to your heart's content, find the courses and levels that are right for you and be welcomed by everyone at the Studio. 
Attend unlimited classes at your level for two weeks
Includes support from instructors to recommend dance levels as needed.
*14 day pass activates on your first class
1 day class pass*
Perfect for those wanting to dance a specific course style eg. Salsa or Zouk Lambada but unsure of the right level.
Dance focus level 1 (or equivalent) up, on the same night til you find the level that's best for you.
*Pass activates on your first class
New students & returning Alumni only 
Limit one per person