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FAQs For Beginners

What do I wear?

All you need are some comfortable shoes that will stay on your feet (not slip on), and comfortable clothes you can move freely in. You’ll find people in clothes they wear to work, jeans and a tee or activewear. It’s casual, that's why we recommend comfortable clothing and non-grip shoes. Classes are relaxed but professional, and lots of fun!

With Starter Courses, when do my 10 weeks start?

Your 10 weeks of unlimited classes start from the first class you attend after purchase. We accept enrolments until the end of the second week, which means you can join up until the second class (week two) of the course.

What if I can't make every class during my 10 week starter course?

The classes are taught in a progressive format, that means each class builds on from the previous class. However, if you do miss a class, that's okay - we recommend attending one of the Mixed Latin Styles Starter courses (in your block) as your catch up lesson.

If you know that you'll have to miss more than one class, we recommend reaching out to our admin team who can help you find the best solution.

What happens at the end of the 10 week course?

At the completion of the 10 week starter course, we celebrate your graduation day with all your new dance friends! Many students continue their dance journey by either enrolling in another 10 weeks of Starters or moving onto Foundation level of a particular dance style.