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Discover Tango in Brisbane: Your Journey Begins Here

Welcome to Rio Rhythmics, Brisbane's premier destination for Tango enthusiasts. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, our Tango classes every Friday offer a welcoming and enriching experience. Our Tango Brisbane classes are designed to immerse you in the passion and elegance of this timeless dance.

Begin with Tango Starter Classes

Our Starter classes are perfect for beginners. Learn the basics of Tango in a supportive and engaging environment. Discover the foundational steps and rhythms that make Tango an enchanting dance for all. You can find our Starter Package Here.

Tango Starter Classes in Brisbane for Beginners with Rio Rhythmics

Build Your Skills with Foundation Course

For those with basic knowledge or experience, our Foundation Course is the next step. Here, you will grow your skills, learn new movements, and deepen your understanding of Tango's beautiful intricacies. You can find our Memberships Here.

Tango Classes in Brisbane with Rio Rhythmics

Practica Sessions and Milongas

Between our classes, enjoy a 30-minute practica session to refine your skills. Additionally, our instructors regularly organise outings to local milongas, offering you a chance to experience Tango's social and cultural essence.

Personalised Learning with Private Lessons

Seeking a more personalised approach? Our Private Lessons cater to your individual needs, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

Tango Gift Vouchers - The Gift of Dance

Looking for a unique gift? Our Tango gift vouchers are a thoughtful and joyful present for your loved ones.

Why Choose Tango in Brisbane with Us?

  1. Expert instruction from some of Australia's top Tango teachers.

  2. A warm, inclusive environment that celebrates the joy of dance.

  3. Opportunities to participate in local Tango events and milongas.

  4. A range of courses to suit every level, from beginner to advanced.

  5. Private lessons for personalised learning experiences.

Embrace the Tango Community

Tango is more than just dance steps; it's a vibrant community, a way to express creativity, and a path to fitness and well-being. Join us at Rio Rhythmics and become a part of the thriving Tango scene in Brisbane.