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Yulia Bolshakova

Yulia's dance story has a ballet to balance sheet start. As a young girl, she trained in ballet, but life had other plans, and her path led her to a career in accounting. However, the rhythm in her heart never ceased its beat, and her dream to dance continued to flicker, waiting for the right moment to ignite.

That moment arrived when Yulia stumbled upon a sign for Rio Rhythmics. It was here, amidst our welcoming community, that she discovered the vibrant world of Latin dance. With each step and sway, she found not just a hobby, but a home.

In 2013, Yulia witnessed a demonstration of Argentine Tango, and it was love at first sight. The beauty, the complexity of the music, and the emotional depth of Tango captivated her. She attended a 'taster' class and found herself irrevocably in love with the dance. Tango, for Yulia, is more than a series of steps; it’s a conversation between two souls, a meditation, an art form.

Yulia describes Tango as a dance that touches the soul. It’s a blend of personal introspection and community connection, an art that evokes tears of joy and lifts spirits. The challenges it presents and the global community it creates are aspects she cherishes deeply. Tango, in her words, is a journey around the world within the confines of a dance floor.

After years of learning from talented teachers and world-renowned artists, Yulia is eager to share her knowledge and passion. Her classes are more than just learning steps; they are about experiencing the profound joy and soulful connections that Tango offers.

Whether you're curious about Tango or looking to deepen your understanding of this exquisite dance, Yulia’s classes at Rio Rhythmics offer a unique opportunity. Experience her infectious passion and immerse yourself in the world of Tango, where every step is a story waiting to be told.

We are incredibly proud to have Yulia as part of the Rio Rhythmics family. Her journey from a professional accountant to a Tango aficionado is a testament to the power of following your heart.

Ready to embark on this beautiful Tango journey with Yulia? Join her class and let's discover the magic of Tango together!

Yulia instructs Argentine Tango in Brisbane with Rio Rhythmics